Built-in Rain Shower Head (New product)!

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Build-in Ceiling Rain Shower


We have been in the shower industry long enough to suggest you something that would ideally work with your brand new shower door.

Here is why our build-in ceiling shower head is a perfect fit for you:

- Made of 304 Stainless Steel grade material (no more plastic)

- Covers 12” x 12” of your ceiling area to make you feel like you are showering under a waterfall (yet saves the water consumption)

- Super easy to install (30 min)

- Will not interfere with the custom height of your new shower door (did you know our frameless doors swing both ways?)

- Oh yeah… check out the price… you will be surprised (in the best possible way)


Red seal plumbing engineers have approved this product and our suggested application. More than 100 pieces are already sold to our long-term clients from building industry with only positive feedback.


Price is only $88 +tax


Still have questions? Contact us by email info@kristyglass.ca or telephone 604-299-0067.