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Built-in rain shower head


Glass Railings 

Back painted glass


Bathtub solution

Corner Unit enclosures

Inline Shower Units

Linear drain shower kit

DSC 0635

The linear drain with tile insert is modern, practical, clean and reliable.

Together with sloped base it makes possible to use bigger pieces of tile, so, less grout lines.

DSC 0001

Price: $465

The Kit consists of:

- Stainless Steel linear drain

- Pre-sloped base

- Pre-sloped curb

- Composite waterproof membrane

DSC 0004


27” Stainless steel drain is designed for 3/8” (10mm) tile. The flange of the drain need to be installed right on top of the waterproof membrane which covers the tray. On top of the flange there will be another layer of waterproof membrane.

DSC 0241
DSC 0239


Pre-sloped base (tray) 3’x5’, made from very high density, rock solid, specially engineered styrofoam. But it can be cut to the size and shape what needed. Perfectly designed for replacement of old bathtub for a walking shower, but possible to build even neo angle shower. Need to be covered with Waterproof membrane.

DSC 0007


Pre sloped curb, 3”x3”x5’, Sloped for 3/16”, perfect for the Frameless Shower Door. Made from very high density, rock solid, specially engineered styrofoam. Need to be covered with Waterproof membrane.

DSC 0005

Price:$1.20 per sq/f

PP PE Waterproof membrane, comes in a roll, 39” wide. Good to cover all styrofoam parts with overlap on the wall. Very thin and flexible, easy to bend, make sharp corners without any unneeded radiuses.

Built-in Rain Shower Head (New product)!

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DSC 1181
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Build-in Ceiling Rain Shower


We have been in the shower industry long enough to suggest you something that would ideally work with your brand new shower door.

Here is why our build-in ceiling shower head is a perfect fit for you:

- Made of 304 Stainless Steel grade material (no more plastic)

- Covers 12” x 12” of your ceiling area to make you feel like you are showering under a waterfall (yet saves the water consumption)

- Super easy to install (30 min)

- Will not interfere with the custom height of your new shower door (did you know our frameless doors swing both ways?)

- Oh yeah… check out the price… you will be surprised (in the best possible way)


Red seal plumbing engineers have approved this product and our suggested application. More than 100 pieces are already sold to our long-term clients from building industry with only positive feedback.


Price is only $88 +tax


Still have questions? Contact us by email info@kristyglass.ca or telephone 604-299-0067.



We never have any mirrors in stock for one simple reason – they are all made exclusively for you. Mirrors can be any possible size, with polished or beveled edges.

Glass Railings

Our glass railings can be installed inside or outside your house. We use high grade Stainless Steel to ensure you get the best result. 


Most popular attachments:


-       Shoe (top/fascia mount)

-       Posts (top/fascia mount; square or round)

-       Stand offs

Back painted glass

Back painted glass is a modern solution for your bathroom and kitchen. Instead of tile with mold on the grout - just glass with tiny bit of mildew resistant silicon. Can be any color of you choice (choose from 1000+ colors), membrane is not needed, can be installed on top of existing tile. We use 6 mm ultra clear glass to get you the color you wanted.

For back painted glass we use ultra clear 6mm tempered glass. 


Can be build with movable or non-movable transom panel (for steam escape). The smallest possible 1/16” gap will keep the steam inside the shower.

Bathtub solution

We offer three types of bathroom enclosure:


-    Single panel

-    European Style (covers 2/3 of the whole tub by small panel and swing door)

-    Fully covered swing or sliding enclosure

Corner Unit Shower Doors

Depending on the shape of your curb, studs behind the wall or possibility to open the door, three different styles can be offered. 

- type 414 (neo angle)


- type SL123 (sliding door)


-type 123 (swing door)


Inline Shower Doors

We offer three types of inline enclosures. 


- Type 12 (swing door and fixed panel)


This type is our ageless best seller. It is necessary to know that the hinged side (where the door is hinged off) must have a strong wood support behind the tiles. 


- Type 212 (panel, swing door and another panel)


Do you want to have your swing door installaed between two fixed panels? No problem! This type is right for you. 


Because glass panel on its own is not strong enough to hold the door we offer two solutions:


-   Header across the top.

-   Fixed panel that is holding the door can go all the way up to the ceiling.


-  SL12 (fixed panel and sliding door)


This type would be the best solution for those who are short of space in the bathroom or just do not feel like having a swing door. We offer two different type of hardware (see the pictures).