Tired of cleaning your old and moldy shower door? Want to see something behind your shower curtain? Just finished renovation and looking for a perfect finish for your new tiles? Call us right now! We know exactly what you need!

Our frameless shower enclosures are made from 10 mm glass with only a few pieces of hardware (just because you need to open your shower door somehow). Modern, clean look of your brand new shower enclosure would make you wake up earlier just so you can spend extra couple minutes in your shower. The best part about it? All our enclosures are custom made. We can make the type of enclosure that would fit only your shower. You might think that your shower stall is too small for a glass door… With us there is no such thing.


We use engineer tested heavy-duty hinges, which have been tested to last for at least 200000 openings. Each hinge has three screws and a special fiber gasket, which would not allow the glass to ever slip out. By using those hinges and our powerful hands, we make the smallest possible gap (1/16”) between the glass door and the wall and/or the door and the glass panel. With this tiniest gap we can eliminate the plastic seal and keep all water inside the shower.

Also, we use the special mildew resistant professional silicone, which you would not find in any regular retail store.


We are also that shop that can get you custom sized mirrors, glass shelves, back painted glass and frameless indoor/ outdoor railings. Choose from your 1000 + color catalog to get your custom backsplash or shower walls.


Call us during our office hours or email us at any time to get your free estimate. Want us to come and meet you? No problem! Our technician will be right on his way for a free consultation.


Let us make your home prettier!